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Writing Exercises

Writing Fix –
Daily and interactive writing prompts.
Creativity Portal –
Writing prompt generator can be used for writing, blogging, art projects, music, discussion.
Aurora D –
Book reviews, quotations, links and exercises for writers. Of special interest to writers of fantasy, children’s young adult fiction, and poetry. –
A resource for new and emerging authors, with writing contests, advice, and reader recommendations.
Language is a Virus –
Writing toys, games, and gizmo to inspire creativity. Writing exercises.
Creative Writing Exercises –
Part of a book about spirituality. Chapter 4 is about creativity and has some writing exercises. –
A community for writers and role playing gamers that helps brainstorm characters, plots, and worlds. The site also offers daily inspiration through writing prompts in case a writer gets stuck.
Hatch’s Plot Bank –
2300+ plot ideas for fiction and screen writers.
Wake Up Writing –
Daily writing exercise to get your pen moving first thing in the morning.
Tera’s Wish –
Exploring the energy within each of us that fulfills and makes us most happy. Writing exercises.
Fear of Writing –
Known as the Fertile Material, these writing prompts can be used by both new and seasoned writers to put the fun back into creative writing. Email newsletter.
Pumping Your Muse Prompts –
Author of ‘Pumping Your Muse’, Donna Sundblad offers regular writing prompts to boost your creativity.
The Inkslinger –
Official website of Donna Sundblad. Writing prompts available from her weblog.
Write to the Heart –
Writing therapy for personal development and creative expression.
Tribe: Free Write –
Free writing forum. Abstract comments and non sequiturs, or other stories that are triggered by what you read.
Resources for Creative Writers –
Features writing prompts aimed at writers of fantasy and fiction, as well as tips on creating and using prompts.
The Story A Day Writer’s Kit –
Get your creative juices flowing with this free, fun exercise for writers of all types.
Write On Right Now! –
Susan Taylor Brown gives writing prompts and exercises in her weblog.
Characters Journey –
Inspiring techniques to help writers plan, plot and create, by Victoria Schmidt.
Bibliographic Junkies –
Writing prompts and a supportive and active email community. Aiming to not only jump start your writing habit but also provide feedback on daily writes and ongoing projects.
52stories –
We provide one photo per week and you write a story based on that photo. We publish your story and other writers provide feedback.
The Prompt Writer –
Offers writing prompts in 20 different categories.
Writer’s Block –
Offers hints and tips and writing exercises. Includes an interactive story to add onto.
H B Writer’s Group –
A small writer’s group that offers a new exercise to complete every month and the chance to receive feedback on your work from other writers.
Writing Counterpoints –
Two essays from entirely opposite perspectives to stimulate your writer’s muse.
Write Impulsive –
A web-based community for writers to post up work, join in challenges and give/ receive comments with others who love writing, regardless of age, ambition or standard.
Flickr: Wordiness –
Photos and art with or about words. Inspiration for those who write the words.
Zero Destinies –
A prompt weblog for those with zero destinations left in the current work or simply want to get something started. Provides concrete scenes or images instead of vague words or ideas.

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