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Reading Lists


(Stay tuned…were just getting started!)

The Modern Library (Random House) – 100 Best Novels

The New York Times First Chapters

Every week, The New York Times on the Web brings you a new selection of first chapters from books reviewed in The New York Times Book Review or that appear on The New York Times bestseller lists.

Pulitzer Award for Fiction

The Great Books Foundation

Pen/Faulkner Award Winners

Multiple Award Winning Books (Hugo and Nebula)

Flashlight Worthy

A blog constantly compiling unique lists on hundreds of different topics.  Especially readable is the award winners page.

BBC’s The Big Read Top 100 (April 2003 – but still great list)


Story Robert McKee: Story

The Bible on Structure. This is one I’ll keep reading again and again and again until I’ve memorized the whole thing and ingrained it in my brain. (*****)

Building Conflict in Your Script William Indick: Psychology for Screenwriters : Building Conflict in Your Script

This is the one I’m carrying around in my bag with me everywhere I go right now. Wouldn’t have thought that a book on psychology could be a page turner, but when you are trying to make your characters come to life, turning to real life is the only way….and real life always was more fascinating than fiction. PS. One of these days my sister will know who Freud was. (*****)

On Writing Stephen King: On Writing

The best book on novel writing I have read…bar none. This was a total shock and surprise to me after reading so many other ho hum guides. My respect for this man jumped 10 points, and I learned some valuable lessons about the process and loving it. (****)

For the Writer of Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Screenplays and Television Episodes : A Creative Source for Generating a Virtually Limitless Number Tom Sawyer: Plots Unlimited: For the Writer of Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Screenplays and Television Episodes : A Creative Source for Generating a Virtually Limitless Number

When I bought this book a couple of years ago I was excited just to play around with the ideas. It was almost like a choose your own adventure novel. That was before I knew anything about structure or actually putting together story elements and NOW, this is such a useful tool to have in my collection, I’m even more excited to use it as much as possible. Great cure for writer’s block or story problems. (****)

Writing Down The Bones Natalie Goldberg: Writing Down The Bones

One of those ones everyone says you must read, but I disagree. It is simple information, most of which you have heard before, even if you are just starting out. It boils down to this, write, write, everyday, practice and just write. (***)

Screenplay Syd Field: Screenplay

The next one on my reading list….I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts on this revised edition of the classic.


Comments on: "Reading Lists" (2)

  1. I agree with your comments about King’s On Writing. It stayed on topic and the example at the end of a first draft to an edited draft was testament to how well he can write.

    • Rebekah said:

      Yes. He’s one of my writing mentor’s (if only he knew!) I’m looking forward to reading Secret Windows next….I just stumbled across it recently and I’m confident there will be more gems in there to share!

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