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9 for ‘09 Challenge

9for9200x1164Looking for a fun way to whittle down the books on your TBR (To Be Read) List?  Jump on over to The 9 For ‘09 Challenge and pick a book for each of the 9 categories to finish and review this year. I know, I know… the year is half over, but there’s no crying in blogging and you know you’ll feel so much better getting just a few of those books crossed off your list.  Plus, Isabel put together a great site to make it so much fun.  And I hardly need mention…but do I send you anywhere without prizes?

Ooh and just in case you are curious as to my picks and want to follow my progress,  you can check out My List at Adventures in Thought.


Book Review: Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Vampires Are So Last Year…Faeries Invading Your Local High-School Now!

wings_cover_sidebarNewcomer Aprilynne Pike is taking the Young Adult fiction market by storm with her debut novel Wings. The book managed to break through to the top 10 YA fiction list in it’s first week. Although it does beg some comparison to the award winning work of her good friend Stephenie Meyer, author of the best-selling Twilight Saga, who calls the book, “A remarkable debut,” I’m betting those who couldn’t get enough of the Meyers’ vampire world will be just as enchanted, if not more by Pikes’ tailored weaving together of her human and not-so-human realms in Wings. This fantasy novel, the first in a new series through Harper Teen, follows a quirky high-school sophomore named Laurel who discovers that she is not quite as human as she had been raised to believe. Her realization that she is a faerie is not only enchanting, it’s humorous, exciting, heart-wrenching, and most-shocking of all, believable.

I have to admit, although charmed by the characters from page one, it took me a while to wrap my rational brain around the existence of faeries…especially in the familiar modern world in which her creatures live and breath. But Pike seems to be aware of this and skillfully builds upon her mythology, giving you time to suspend the disbelief and just fall in love with it. Her approach won me over, erasing any doubts about the reality of the two entwined worlds her characters inhabited. She also manages to present us with an entirely novel take on faeries, which is both surprising and delightful. We think we know where a scene is leading, but the legends veer off in unexpected and exciting directions.

Living plants, trolls, a bit of magic, and even King Arthur and Avalon make their way into this fascinating world. And the love triangle created between Laurel and her human and faerie suitors is both heart-wrenching and complicated. You will find yourself hard pressed to make up your mind about this fabulous development and more than likely unable to put this marvelous debut down.

For more on Wings and what the future holds for Laurel, catch author Lisa Damien’s interview with Aprilynne Pike on Blogcritics.

And for much much more from Aprilynne on the writing life…visit her fabulous FAQ on her site.   A great primer for any writer dreaming of their own Best-Selling debut!

Tool Review – Celtx 2.0.1

logo-typeAt writefly, we’ve been huge fans of Celtx software from the beginning.  Billed as “the world’s first all-in-one media pre-production software,” it takes a huge leap forward from other screenwriting and pre- production programs.   Why? It’s simple, clean design does it all…and we do mean all.  Switch seamlessly from character catalogues to story board to script to the daily call-sheet. Organize your notes in myriad ways.  Wer’e partial to the notecards for scenes.  Move ’em around and the changes are made to the script automatically.

And it’s not just for those of you writing the next blockbuster thriller or romantic comedy.  Celtx is standardized to deal with all types of Media production:

Celtx helps you pre-produce all types of media – film, video, documentary, theater, machinima, comics, advertising, video games, music video, radio, podcasts, videocasts, and however else you choose to tell your story.”

screenplay150The minor tweaks to the Apr. 20th release just add to the truly impressive.  There’s not enough time in a writefly day to go into all of the fabulous features…like the studio uplink to save different versions of your files online or how it can be adapted for novels and non-fiction with a little know-how.

Did we mention why we truly love these guys?  Celtx is absolutely FREE.

Try it out for yourself at and come back and buzz about what you think!

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