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Author releases novel — 140 characters at a time on Twitter

So, you consider yourself uber tech savvy.  You’ve got this social network thing down to a science.  Your facebook page and blog are up and running, your website is a masterpiece of html and css engineering and of course you are a twitter pro.  What aren’t you doing to promote your writing?

Well, you could always take it a step further. Or a few thousand steps further like first time novelist Matt Stewart who is releasing his novel…that’s right…140 characters at a time on twitter.

“In an online missive, Stewart called the project a ‘social experiment’ aimed at seeing how people respond to a novel revealed in snippets.

“’I wanted to get my novel out fast and in a way that’ll resonate with the hyperconnected 2009 way of life,’ wrote Stewart, who lives in San Francisco and is a professional marketer.”

Has the world gone to twitter? Not likely.  But it’s an interesting construct on exploring new media publishing and marketing techniques.

And there’s more to this story than a simple social experiment.

Read the full article online at Computer World and let us know what you think of this undertaking.


Vote Now For Million Writers Awards

Million Writers AwardThe editors of Million Writers Awards have chosen the top ten short stories published online in 2008. The Award editors are asking all interested readers to vote for the best story of the year. We encourage you to visit the Million Writers Award page, to review the list of top ten stories, and to cast your vote. Each reader may vote only once.

Please cast your vote here.

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