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Amazon Erases Orwell Books From Kindle Service


Does the Amazon Kindle look less appealing to anyone else lately?  I’m amazed that they had the foresight to include a feature to remotely erase books you’ve purchased from your device.  But, yes folks – seems somewhere in the fine print it says, “we own you baby, and we own everything you own.”

Check out this fascinatingly sad tidbit!

Amazon erases Orwell books from Kindle service

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Another Boycott for Dan Brown?

scene-from-angels-and-dem-001The Vatican looks likely to call for a boycott of Angels and Demons, the prequel to the blockbuster film adaptation of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.  Official Vatican newspaper Avvenire reported on Friday that it “cannot approve” of Ron Howard’s film, which is based on the eponymous book by Brown and opens worldwide on 15 May. The report prompted suspicions that the church is gearing up to call for a new boycott, after urging Catholics not to see the first film.

Unfortunately for the Catholic church, a lack of understanding of the line between fact and fiction will likely only spark more interest not only in this work, but in others in the same religious conspiracy thriller genre.  I can’t say I’m complaining.

Get the full story from The Guardian here.

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