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9 for ‘09 Challenge

9for9200x1164Looking for a fun way to whittle down the books on your TBR (To Be Read) List?  Jump on over to The 9 For ‘09 Challenge and pick a book for each of the 9 categories to finish and review this year. I know, I know… the year is half over, but there’s no crying in blogging and you know you’ll feel so much better getting just a few of those books crossed off your list.  Plus, Isabel put together a great site to make it so much fun.  And I hardly need mention…but do I send you anywhere without prizes?

Ooh and just in case you are curious as to my picks and want to follow my progress,  you can check out My List at Adventures in Thought.


Today’s Writing Prompt



“I found this story starter in Beth Baruch Joselow’s book of creative writing prompts, Writing Without the Muse, but it just as easily could have come from Woody Allen’s Alice.”

“Okay, you’re invisible,” Joselow writes. What could you see while invisible that you would never witness otherwise? It could be something related to your personal life, as it is for the character of Alice, who is freed from a loveless marriage when she discovers that her husband is having an affair, or it could be something completely removed from your daily reality. Maybe you’d sneak into the Metropolitan Museum of Art after hours, or spend a day messing with the mind of your least favorite politician.

Whatever it is, write it down. And if you can’t make up your mind, write down all of your ideas.

Find more story starters and writing prompts here.

More Fiction Writing Quick Tips

(Source: Ginny Wiehardt –

Two Previously Unpublished Agatha Christie Stories Find Light of Day

Guardian UK reporting two unpublished Poirot tales were found in Christie’s Holiday home.  Both unpublished works are short stories, the form in which the author often worked out details of characters and plots, before rethreading them as full-length novels. The reportedly painstakingly deciphered stories will appear in Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years of Mysteries in the Making, to be published by HarperCollins in September.

“Then he reflected, with Latin common sense, that these ideas of his were unprofitable. They accomplished nothing. To arouse enthusiasm was not his gift and never had been. Brains, he thought with his usual lack of modesty, were his speciality. And men with great brains were seldom great leaders or great orators. Possibly because they were too astute to be taken in by themselves.”

– The Capture of Cerberus


Today’s Writing Prompt

“I just said it – you need clothes that fit your body”


(source: Hatch’s Plot Bank)

Today’s Writing Prompt

“Your protagonist wakes up in the Emergency Room. She has a faint memory of seeing your antagonist and then nothing more until finding herself in the hospital. Write the scene prior to this – why is she in the ER, how did she get there …..and what’s it all got to do with your antagonist?”


Word of the Day – Taciturn

Saturday May 30, 2009

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taciturn \TAS-uh-turn\ // adjective:

Habitually silent; not inclined to talk.

On stage she seemed to become transformed, and the contrast was even more noticeable given her shy, taciturn character, shrouded in the impalpable veil of gloom that always surrounded her.
— Pino Cacucci, Tina Modotti: A Life

A balding, stocky, taciturn man who wore glasses, he gave an impression of distance and seriousness.
— “Diana’s Driver: Unsettling Piece in a Puzzle”, New York Times, September 21, 1997

In the company of even his close literary and political friends he was shy if not taciturn.
— “Passionate voice of the press”, Irish Times, November 4, 1997

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Taciturn comes from Latin taciturnus, from tacere, “to be silent.” Entry and Pronunciation for taciturn

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BEA (BookExpo America) 2009 Kicks off Tomorrow in NYC

BEA_ad1BEA gets off to a running start tomorrow morning at Jacob K. Javits center in New York City.  This is the place to be for the next week if you are anybody (or anybody who wants to be anybody) in the book publishing world.  The annual event which is expected to attracted just around 25,000 industry professionals this year.   On hand will be over 1000 authors and 1500 exhibitors.  An evolutionary leap from the first convention held in 1902, which boasted 60 participants and Mark Twain as the keynote speaker.

The BEA is making special effort this year to “include new technology and voices,” giving a nod to literary bloggers and kindle fans while incorporating  other social media into the event in this years New Media Zone.  You can read more on what they have to say about it here.

If you plan on attending, don’t leave home without’s guide to all the swag you can steal at the show!

Ahh..literary bliss!

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