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The writefly at work.Writefly is more than just another writing blog.  We are seeking to become the ultimate destination for writers, the gold standard of  writing websites and the Tao of tools and resources.
If you are like most writers, you are daily accumulating a hefty supply of blogs, links, and writing resources, most of which, you’ve dutifully bookmarked promptly forgotten.  Those you haven’t, have consumed hours of procrastinating time, as you’ve flitted back and forth between them trying to find exactly the resource you need before you can get down to the business of the day.  Actually writing.
The excuses stop here.  Writefly has combed through all those other sites, offerings and news-clips and brings you only the best of the best of  the writing web, as well as a few unique tools you won’t find anywhere else.  Take a moment to explore, be inspired and let your writing take flight.
Mesa_personals_11517492Who is behind writefly? Writefly is the brainchild of  writer and wordsmith Rebekah Montgomery.   She is passionate about books, writing, karaoke and the quest for the worlds best sushi.
Her goal for writefly is to help other authors and dreamers navigate the vast labyrinth of information for writers so that you can find the tools and motivation you need quickly and get back to what you should be doing.
Feel free to drop her a line on the Contact page or via  She’d love to hear from you!
Looking for my other sites? Book Reviews and Promotions are now at Aurelia, and more personal musings (though still mostly literary) are at my personal blog Bookishly Bex.

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