stop buzzing around.

A Whoian? Who knewian there was a name for geeky girls like me? Who are they?  Why care?  And Who else suddenly feels like they are in a post with Dr. Seuss?

Despite that erratic introduction, we’ve found this really fun online workshop to tell you about over at Saavy Authors. We are talking about a show that has been on the air almost continually since 1963.  How could it not have a thing or two to teach us about writing?

Even if you aren’t a Whoian, there are things to be learned from the series – like how to blend the laugh with the fantastic, the monsters with the clueless, how to hide in plain sight, survive with little more than a sonic screwdriver and an unlimited imagination. 

And how to twist, spin and corrupt every familiar plot trope available. And they’re all available. To you, too. 

This 1-week mini-workshop uses the 21st century reincarnation of the DR WHO series as a springboard for the imagination of  writers of all genres, not merely those that would mesh with the DR WHO world. Familiarity with the new series is not required – watching it is not a prerequisite. The workshop will lay it all out in black and white, focusing on a handful of the programs featuring David Tennant as The Doctor. We only have a week, after all, and no Tardis of our own. 

The workshop is for anyone interested in taking a leap into the unknown when it comes to tweaking often played elements when building a plot.
WHEN: Dec 13, 2010 – Dec 19, 2010
COST: $10 for Premium Members
$15 for Basic Members 

Cancellation policy: Registrations are non-refundable except when the workshop is cancelled by Savvy Authors.

REGISTRATION: Click Here to Register

All the Who, what and why (couldn’t resist) can be found here:

Dr. Who Can Teach You About Plotting…Even if You’re a Pantser starts Dec 13.


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