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Today’s Writing Prompt

Arizona Saguaro Desert.

Summer Photo Inspiration: If you live where summer is between 80 and 100 degrees for only three months out of the year, can you imagine living in a region where it is always hot and sticky? These Saguaro Cactus grow in Tucson, Arizona, where conditions are always hot and sunny. Could you live in the desert? Would you?



Comments on: "Today’s Writing Prompt" (2)

  1. I lived in Phoenix, with brief stints away as a travel nurse, from the time I was 3 until last year. It just got to be too much. I’m now in northern AZ, with the possibility of moving much more north soon.

    • Rebekah said:

      I’m actually in Phoenix myself…so the prompt was a thought provoking one for me. I keep trying to leave…I manage to spend a year or so in Chicago, New York, Hawaii, but my family is all here and that calls me back. I am definitely not a fan of the heat though, no matter where I go. I am a huge fan of air conditioning. A/C and the beach and I’m a happy girl!

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